5 of the Best Natal City Tour Attractions to Experience This Time

Natal is one of the ancient cities in Brazil which is named after the Sun for keeping sunny around 325 days per year. It has great significance in world tourism as well. Desired by the French, taken up by the Portuguese migrants, attacked by the Dutch and long after becoming the center stage of victory in the 2nd World War, this vacation spot in the recommended list of every travel in Brazil makes an ideal city tour.

Apart from being the capital city of Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil Natal is also popular for magnificent beaches, modern setting, vibrant nightlife, splendid weather and lots of historical sites. This Brazilian city has many unique features that attract visitors of varied interests and cultural root. Natal city tour is the ideal option when it comes to get a quick look into modern and easy-going lifestyle of the locals, to its exclusive beachfront restaurants and bars, historical shrines, art galleries, museums. You can indulge in Carnatal – the largest event celebrated every year in the Natal city to find a relaxing experience like other vacationers. As a traveler your travel needs are taken care by authorized travel agencies near the city.

There are many interesting locations and attractions to explore on a Natal city tour. It is a favorite choice for beach lovers and sun soakers, a nature follower’s reverie, a historical prosper, and a foodie’s delight all enjoyable in just one fantastic destination. Here are discussed five of the best attractions that you and your family or group can enjoy while going on a Natal city tour this time.

5 of the Best Natal City Tour Attractions

The Portico Dos Reis Magos – Also known as Gate of the Three Wise Men, the Portico Dos Reis Magos marks the entry point to the Natal city. There are 3 big statues at this place to greet you and have a great start of Natal city tour crossing the Newton Navarro Bridge.

The Portico Dos Reis Magos

Fortress of the Magi – Another famous attraction on your way will be the Fortaleza dos Reis Magos or Fortress of the Magi which is the most attractive and ancient historical attractions found in Praia do Forte of Natal.

Ponte Newton Navarro Bridge –Clearly visible from Forte beaches and Redinha is the 1.8 km long and100 m high Ponte Newton Navarro Bridge that is built over the Potengi River. It is where you can have a wonderful view of sunset.

Ponte Newton Navarro Bridge

Centro do Turismo – It used to serve as a prison before but now acts as a tourist centre in Natal city. You can travel inside to find various craftsmanshops selling a wide range of local handicrafts.

The Old Town – You can have a drop at the Old Town area to have an experience of local shopping market. Here you will have access to original Brazilian vegetable and fruit market. The Natal city tour may include a few other attractions like the Grant hotel (the harbor of Natal) and the Space Center before coming to an end at the biggest Cashew Three in the world.

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