Fernando de Noronha

The Brazilian archipelago of Fernando de Noronha is one of the most beautiful touristic destination in the world.
All lovers of scuba diving want to dive in the waters of Fernando de Noronha
Located iin the south-atlantic ocean at only one hour flight from Natal and one hour and a half flight from Recife. Paradise for sea turtles, sharks and so many other species. A beautiful maritime environmental reserve.

The Islansds were discovered by Amerigo Vespucci in 1503 during the second Portuguese expedition to Brazil.
The wealthy trader, Fernando de Noronha financed the expedition.
Fernando de Noronha became the first captainry of Brazil. The islands were invaded by the French, the Dutch and the British during the XVII and XVIII century.
In 1737 the archipelago became Portuguse again, until the independance of Brazil on september 7th 1822.
It later became a political prison and a US military base during world war II.
Today Fernando de Noronha is a famous turist environmental national park.

We have daily flights from Natal or Recife. After payment of the environmental taxes at the airport, a van will bring you to your pousada.

Scuba diving, tour of the island on a jeep, boat trip with snorkeling, horseback riding and hiking will be suggested at the arrival.

Visit of the Fortress of the island with a local guide in the day of arrival.

Diving in Fernando de Noronha
Fernando de Noronha is an ideal spot for diving. And it is not only for experienced divers. For those who have never dived, the ship crew offers full assistance with last cutting-edge equipment, and experienced instructors will escort beginners for the entire duration of the dive.

Of course, some spots are deepers than others and are only be reachable by professional divers, but the beginners can enjoy awesome landscapes near the seabed and dive until 12 meters deep.

The shipwreck of the Corveta Ipiranga V 17 for instance lies more than 25 meters deep, so no way for newcomers to go that deep.

The dive itself takes around 30 minutes, but from the boarding time to the disembark, you have count half a day,

Like the buggy tour in Natal, the Eifel Tower in Paris, the Big Ben in London and the Statue of Liberty in New York, scuba diving in Fernando de Noronha is a must.

Go round the island on a buggy
A great way to visit Fernando de Noronha Is the buggy tour round the island. We stop on the main beaches and we’ll have time to stop to take a bath at almost every beach.

Departure around 08:00 h. We stop at 12:00 o´clock for lunch and start the trip again around 13:30 h.
We’ll stop at: Sancho Bay (Baía do Sancho), Pig’s Bay (Baia dos Porcos), Father’s Well (Cacimba do Padre), Santo Antonio Bay, Dog’s Bay (Baia do Cachorro), Conceição Beach (Praia da Conceição) . Histories of the beaches will be told by the guide.

Boat trip and snorkeling
Another attraction is the boat trip in Noronha. It’s a four-hour trip with stop for snorkeling near the shore. Colored fish, giant marine turtles, and dolphins are always beautifying and livening up the scene.
Beverages and snacks are served on board. Excellent service with bar area, exclusive bathrooms and and top viewing deck.”

The “Air France” point
Tourists can visit the “Air France Point” (Ponta da Air France in Portuguese), located at the meeting point of the inner and outer seas. It is so called because in the early 1920s, the French installed the first radio transmitter to relieve the first aviators who crossed the South Atlantic, from São Luis in Senegal to Natal in Brazil.
It’s an ideal place for hiking, taking pictures and contemplating the big waves.
Inner sea in Portuguese is “mar interior” It means the part of the sea between the island and the continent.
The outer sea is on the opposite side, between the island and the African coast much farther.

The National Marine Park of Fernando de Noronha is a favorite destination for Brazilians. Noronha is a zone of protection of local flora and fauna. Its beautiful beaches, the permanent presence of dolphins, sea turtles that breed and the possibility of diving are the main attractions of this island. Many scientific documentaries have been made in this paradise, as the commander of the famous Cousteau in the 70s and 80s. A proportional to the residence time of environmental fee must be paid to the landing on the island. This fee is intended to take care of the local flora and fauna. The archipelago of Fernando de Noronha is located 360 km northeast of Natal.

Noronha is part of the State of Pernambuco. It’s one hour and fifteen minute flight from Natal and an hour and thirty minutes from Recife / PE. The Archipelago was discovered by the Portuguese but was invaded by the British, Dutch and French.

Noronha was used as a prison for political prisoners in 1935.

The island played an important role during WWII, due to its strategic position, serving as support for American aviation and maintenance for submarines.

The local population of 2,700 inhabitants, an area of ​​17,017 km ² warm tropical climate with an average temperature of 28 ° centigrade. Rainfall of 1,300 mm.

Map of the region