Helicopter Tour over Natal-RN-Brazil

A flightseeing tour over Natal, the State capital of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil by helicopter!
Join us for an unforgettable experience! Natal from the heights.
We work with two helicopters model Robinson 44 for three passengers. Its large windshields allow us to enjoy the view at our ease.
Contrasting colors, green vegetation, light blue, dark blue and brilliant yellow give us an impressive sight.
This tour can be done with a local tour guide who will tell us the history of Natal from an average height of 2000 feet.

You are coming to Natal by a cruise ship? No problem! Our driver will pick you up at the harbor and bring you to the heliport, only fifteen minutes from the ship.
Transfert back to the ship right after landing.

Takeoff from Ponta Negra-Natal or Punaú River in the north coast.
We will fly over the main monuments and tourist points of the city, such as: The Magi Fortress, The churhes at Downtown Natal, the Potengi river and the Newton Navarro Bridge, Ponta Negra, the “Bald Dune” (Morro do Careca), The Space Center (Not always allowed), the biggest cashew tree in the world.

The Robinson R-44 is a single-engine helicopter designed for student pilots, fexecutives, tourism and passenger transportation,.
Nowadays, it’s one of the most sold helicopter in the world.

The first prototypes were built in the 1970s, and since then, more than 10,000 helicopter haave been manufactured.
We have more than 5,000 R 44 manufactured.

Mapa da região