A beautiful place for snorkeling and diving at 7 km from the shore. Reefs, colored fish in transparent water.

The departure time depends on tides because diving is only possible during low tide. At the arrival in Maracajaú we board a catamaran or a motorboat to the reefs, 7 km from the coast. Diving equipment (mask and snorkel) will be distributed to passengers at the arrival to the diving location.

After some safety tips given by the divers, you are free to swim and dive among the colorful fish and beautiful corals. Scuba diving will be suggested by the instructors. No need to have practice it before.

Maracajaú (maracajá beverage in the native language) is famous for its diving location. It used to be a a fishing village, and the cultivation of sugar cane has long been its main resource. Isolated from the rest of the world because of its difficult access, (the sea to the east, dunes, coconut trees and forest plateau to the west), electricity was supplied only from the 70’s, when the first dirt roads linked the village to “Civilization”. Before that, the horse or the carts were the only adequate means of transportation. In 1994, the “parrachos” (corals in indigenous language), were discovered 7 km off Maracajaú and from the flow of tourists has been increasing. Maracajaú Today is the second most popular destination in our region. Tourists board a catamaran or motor boat and after a journey of 25 minutes you can dive among the coral and rocks submerged at a depth of one to four meters. The diving is only possible at low tide and the daily number of divers is limited for the sake of preservation of the corals. This implies a reservation of at least one day in advance, and at the same time, you will be informed by the local staff of the boarding time. Maracajaú is 63 km northern Natal, and the road infrastructure improved significantly since the 70’s. No need to go there by horse anymore.

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