Natal Airport – Pipa

Pipa is approximately 110 km from Natal International Airport Aluizio Alves. Arrival at destination after one hour and forty five minutes.

Nossa Frota Doblô Price: from R $ 220,00
Maximum 05 passengers. If you have lots of luggage, please advise.
Van Price: Starting at R $ 450,00
Maximum 15 people.

Natal Airport is one of the most modern airport in Brazil. The airport was inaugurated only three weeks before the beginning of the world cup in 2014 and many citizens believed the airport construction would no be finished before the beginning of the biggest sport event in the world.
Natal Airport is also the first private airport in Brazil. The terminal has an annual capacity of 6.2 million passengers. It’s also the most modern airport in Brazil. Passengers rate it as the most confortable airport in the county.
Many businessmen and tourist complain saying that the airport is far from the city, but the local government claims its decision to establish the new airport in that area was was made after long marketing studies and it took into consideration short distance with the main factories in Macaiba and Extremoz which exportort goods to Europe ande the USA.

Map of the region