Natal Airport – São Miguel do Gostoso

We offer transfer services from Natal Airport to São Miguel do Gostoso, one of the most famous beaches in Brazil for Kitesurf windsurf
We have six Fiat Doblós for five passengers and bagage as well as two vans for 15 passengers.

Nossa Frota São Miguel do Gostoso is 120 km from Natal and 140 km from Augusto Severo Airport. With fluid traffic you arrive after a journey of an hour and 50 minutes.

Doblô Price: from R 200.00
Maximum 05 passengers. If you have lots of luggage, please advise.
Van Price: Starting at R $ 400,00
Maximum 15 people.

It is said that there was a house where passersby could hear long and intense laughs. That’s where the name “Gostoso”, which means “Tasty”, came from .
The years passed, and one day, a religious devotee merchant of the Archangel Michael found out that he suffered from an incurable disease and made the promise that if one day stay he recovers he would build a chapel to honor the Archangel Michael. That’s the origin of word “São Miguel”.

One of the famous beach is Xepa. In that beach US military used to distribute unsold food during World War II.

The regular wind from the East turned Sao Miguel do Gostoso into a privileged place for windsurfing and kite surfing practice. Many Kite surf and windsurf school are located in that beach.

São Miguel do Gostoso is often frequented by French and German surfers.

Map of the region