Trips, events and incentives for companies in Brazil

Interested in organizing events and incentives for your company?

We are now providing events for companies in Natal, Brazil, where you can enjoy the most beautiful beaches of the South-American continent.

So far, we have always organized trips, events and seminars for Brazilian groups, schools and companies that come to Natal, but now in 2017, we start offering seminars and events for international groups.
Seminars and events in Brazil are worth the trip! Come to discover Brazil and more specifically Natal, a seaside city in northeastern Brazil.

Our staff is made of experienced and professional accredited tour guides who regularly work in events and seminars for small and large groups.

Combine seminars with leisure, days of lectures with days of trips. Enjoy dinners in the best restaurants of Natal, or simple lunches at the beach. Evening dinners in the open air in the moonlight.

The average temperature is 28° Celdius (82.5 Farenheit) Our region is an ideal spot!

Our service includes:
• Airport receptive and transfer to the hotel by private car, van or coach.
• Hotel reservation.
• Conference rooms for groups from 10 to 150 participants.
• Trips in the region with fluent Englidh-speaking tour guide.
• Translation service
• Boat trips for tourists
• Helicopter flights.
• Buggy tours on the dunes of Natal, Genipabu, Galinhos, Pipa etc…
• Hotel – Airport transfers or transfers to other cities
• Inside Brazil flight reservations.

We are flexible. and our tours can be tailored to your needs.
Our services are also available in French, Dutch and German.

Please contact us at or fill the form at

All types of trips are at your disposal:
Coach for big groups, minibuses or vans for smaller groups

City tour Natal:

A four to Five-hours trip visiting the most important monuments of Natal, the space center and the biggest cashew tree in the world.

Buggy tours in Genipabu and the dunes:

The most searched tour in Northeastern Brazil:

Pipa Beach

One of the most popular touristic village in Brazil. Beautiful beaches and exciting nightlife.


A nice place for snorkeling and scuba diving.


A more remote place for snorkeling and scuba diving.


Giant dunes in a remote peninsula. Unique landscapes.

São Miguel do Gostoso:

Right after “the corner” of the South american Continent. Very famous town for windsurf and kitesurf.

João Pessoa:

The state Capital of Paraíba. Beautiiful churches and lovely sunset. One of the oldest cities in Brazil.

EasyTourRN is based in Natal, capital of the State of Rio Grande do Norte, northeastern Brazil, and in addition to being a well-trained and experienced group:

• Ideal weather the whole year
• Beautiful beaches and good infrastructure
• Warm water temperature: 26° Celsius (78° Farenheit)
• Great choice of hotels with rooms for lectures and seminars.

As you can see on the map below, Natal is close to the equator, that means we have warm temperatures all the year.

According to credible and reputable Brazilian newspapers,our region is the favorite destination for Brazilian tourists:

Watch the link: where it is said:
The latest survey of travel intention, released in September by the Ministry of Tourism, left no doubt: the Northeast is the preferred region as a tourist destination for Brazilians. Out of 41% of respondents, the region was in the front of the South (26.6%), Southeast (20.3%), Central West (6.6%) and, lastly, North , 5%).
The Consumer Survey – Intention of Travel – is a survey conducted every month by the Ministry of Tourism in the capitals Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Porto Alegre, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and São Paulo. Together, they represent 70% of the tourist flow in Brazil.

Security and criminality in Brazil
An important obstacle that dissuades some tourists to visit and organize events in Brazil, is the concern with security.
We can say that the region of Natal, although according to some statistics crime rate has increased, very few tourists suffered from assaults or trawlers. Police cars make rounds of 24 hours in all tourist sectors. The local government does not want to lose its main income, which is tourism. Consequently, everything is done for tourist safety and the degree of violence is far from what we sometimes watch on television in Rio de Janeiro. And when you question tourists who visited this beautiful city, the great majority of tourists will say Brazil is an enchanted place for vacation.
Criminalty should not be a reason to desist from your vacation in this magic country!