XXBigDonizette“September 2011 was marked in our lives. Living in the Midwest, had long wanted to meet Christmas. We bought the tickets and flew to meet this beautiful city. ISY Frankental find there the best tourist guide nordeste.Profundo scholar in this area, he took us to see all that is most beautiful, from the largest cashew tree in the world by the most beautiful beaches and dunes and the historic center of the city, showed us the great design of rocket launching base of the barrier of hell. We’re dying to meet, I can not wait to return. – Donizete & Jeane D’arc Goiás – Goiaz”

henrique“I would you like to leave behind our testimony and our thanks to our ISAAC Frankental guide! We took the tour to PIPA with Isaac, he dropped us at each stop and left us very comfortable to have fun, he’s a very helpful, patient and friendly guide! A couple who accompanied us was discharged with the camera and Isaac volunteered to take pictures of the class and send us by email the photos! An excellent guide … Thank you Isaac! A big hug. – Henry , Naul and Lucia – St. Paulo”

BigRomero“I would like on behalf of my family thank EasyTourRN in the person of Isaac Frankental the friendliness and patience as the city tour conducted demonstrating great knowledge and leaving all pretty comfortable. Emphasize the timeliness of transfers from the airport x x airport hotel. Thanks Isaac and a big hug! – Romero – Recife

BigPriscilaMy husband and I went to Natal – RN to celebrate 25 years of marriage! Silver Anniversary!! We had the greatest happiness of knowing Mr. Isaac Frankental (our tour guide). He met with several beautiful beaches, Pipa, Tibau Praia do Amor, Chapadão, etc.. We did a boat ride, to see dolphins and other wonders! Mr. Isaac was very kind and helpful with us! I have friends who are leaving soon for Christmas and I’m going to contact! Have we missed you!! It was all wonderful!! One day back!! – Fred and Elna Priscilla – São Paulo State

BigErikWith Easytourrn, I met the Reis Magos Fort, the largest cashew tree in the world, the beach Dolphin, the Barreira do Inferno and still experienced the best tapioca Christmas in the Barrio Redinha. Those were unforgettable moments both its natural beauty and the friendliness and the incredible culture of Isaac Frankental. The Easytourrn is a reputable and high quality company, with which you and your family can count on. – Eric Fagotto, Campinas – SP.

wagner Visit the city of Natal and Pipa was one of the best trips we’ve ever done. It was wonderful to have Isaac Frankental as a guide. He has a wide cultural, historical and personal knowledge. Learned details that could not be presented by others. The Tour Easy is a genuine and high quality company. Contractors can trust your services. And Patricia Wagner, São Paulo – SP.- Patricia e Wagner – SP.


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